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Navya: Before Blueprint, I moved to the US with my husband and was not working at the time. I remember very distinctly one evening when I got a call from my sister while I was out at a friends place and she told me about starting a label. It immediately got me interested and started talking to her in detail forgetting I was at a friends place for dinner. Before we knew it the simple conversations became a very important part of our lives.

I grew with the love of drawing and would draw all of mom’s drawings for practice. I also took classes to finesse the art. I have liked anything that involves creativity and hence I believe I chose this as a career.

Divya: I have always been interested in fabrics and the way they are transformed via design into clothes. I have never had a formal training in fashion designing but later I was offered the role of a production manager with a leading designer in Chennai and that is where I really came into my own and discovered what I wanted to be. After a couple of years of gaining the requisite experience I decided to launch my own label, Blueprint in partnership with my sister, Navya